Wanted: Option to watch censored versions

  • I know it is an unusual request for anime, but I would rather watch the censored broadcast versions than the uncensored DVD/BL versions of anime.

    I really enjoy anime, but I do NOT want to see depictions of topless/naked children (under 18). Naked adults are fine, but no kids please. The vast majority of anime characters are children.

    If there were an option in the profile settings to show the broadcast version instead of the full version, I would be far more likely to keep my subscription going.

    Another option would be to give a little more detail in the ratings. If it said TV-MA (Nudity), I would know to avoid a particular show because it offends my sensibilities (and possibly Canadian Law?). If it said TV-MA (Strong Language or Violence), I'd know that it wouldn't make me rage quit.

  • I think if your age is set to under 18 the shows will be censored. I'm not sure as I don't stream the shows.

    As far as the ratings go it would be nice but instead of waiting for that I think your best option is just to do a little research yourself. A quick google search usually will tell you if a show contains nudity, and if not just ask a question here on the forum someone should be able to answer it.

  • @torrin:

    I think if your age is set to under 18 the shows will be censored. I'm not sure as I don't stream the shows.

    The FAQ gives me the impression that you just can't view any MA/R videos if you're under 17.

    I second the opinion that for now it'd be a good idea to just do some research on shows you're interested in or ask about content in specific shows.

  • No, if your age is set to under 17, the site will restrict you from watching anything rated TV-MA or R. It will not serve different versions of a show. However, we will be adding different versions of a show, so that you can choose the broadcast or the uncut version.

    I will ask if we can add explanations for ratings, but if you look at the genres, you can also tell that way. For example, if a show is rated TV-MA and is tagged with either "fan-service" or "ecchi", then chances are it has nudity. If it doesn't have either, then it's probably gore, violence, or language.

    For now, all shows that get broadcast versions at first are replaced with the final versions as we receive those materials. Sometimes, this represents the "uncut" or "uncensored" version and sometimes this represents a "cleaned up" version with better animation.

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