Shows that need to be added and more dub eps

  • hey anime fans i picked up anime a few years ago i started with black butler and then i went onto naruto and magi and thats the thing y doesn't funimation naruto and i would be kinda easy to get naruto up thar im dont know what gose on in like the hole like money deal to use naruto on your site but you guys have alot of fun animes and i think thats great but another thing i dont rilly like is that one piece dose not have more dubbed eps i was watching one piece and i got to ep 422 and then it was not dubbed and it was geting to the clymax so i was kinda pissed but funimation keep up the good work and ya get naruto
    ps sorry for the spelling arers

  • @jmuntz:

    ps sorry for the spelling arers

    Your spelling errors are more like diction errors on top of spelling errors but whatever.

    Funimation can't get Naruto because Viz Media has it, and considering its their cash cow, I doubt that they'd be willing to let someone else touch it. Funimation can only pump out dubs so quickly/contractually allowed. Consult the FAQ

    I feel like this is probably a troll post but I'll still answer as if it wasn't (but will let it be known that I call BS).

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