GITS: Arise 5&6

  • has there been any news on GITS Arise 5&6 release date?

  • There is no Arise 5 & 6. :hmm:

  • @SpacemanHardy:

    There is no Arise 5 & 6. :hmm:

    I think he is talking about the series and how 5 is cut out of the physical releases that are out now, (films #1, 2, 3, 4 ) => GitS Arise: Alternative Architecture (TV) [Eps 9 & 10 are new content - the previous eps are the Border films reordered. => 2015 movie

    From what i read you basically have to wait and im not even sure if the movies are worth it considering the tv series is same thing and will eventually happen.
    " Unfortunately that 5th episode isnt contained in the ARISE series but rather in the 10 episode ARISE: Alternative Architecture series as two episodes"

    Basically its better to wait for the tv series since you can prob get it all in one from Funimation when ever it comes out, the movies series as is now is incomplete.

  • You'll have to wait, Funimation may be license bound to offer the 2 episodes only with the Alternative Architecture release. They may work it out so they Release the first 8 eps as 1 volume and then 9-10 as a separate release for those people who bought Borders 1-4, but we'll have to wait.

    Or you can import the Pyrophoric Cult release if you don't want to wait.

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