Little diapointed with the bradcast dub

  • The song in this anime drive the plot, and by not translating them it lost a lot. i know that there are issues with music but, it destroys the enjoyment of the show

  • I asked Brina Palencia about this at a con regarding the songs in Show By Rock, and what she told me was that they can only work with what they're given. Sometimes, they aren't given the proper music & effects tracks in time for the broadcast dub, but they get a hold of these later in time for the video release. She told me that in Show By Rock's case, at least, that the insert songs would in fact be dubbed for the DVD. This is also the same thing that happened with Alex's song in episode 8 of Gangsta, as Christopher Bevins has gone on record as saying he really wants Felecia to go back and sing it for home video.

    I would assume the issue is the same regarding Dance with Devils. So far the only insert songs from broadcast dubs that have been dubbed are Stones from The Rolling Girls and a few of the non-concert tracks from Show By Rock.

  • There's only this one preview out there, correct?

    It seems like a standard piece: solid work when it's on (Yay Mike Tatum!) but the fellow doing Mage seems miscast. "Hey Ritsuka! Smoke some cigars with me and I'll romance you with my gravelly baritone!" He doesn't seem fitting for a character who's supposed to be all about the sex appeal.

    I'll judge as I hear more. I suspect I'll prefer this in the Japanese, but we'll see when it gets there.

  • ^ Actually Sneebs, the entire first episode is available in English for all-access subscribers. A new episode goes up every Wednesday.

    And I agree, Mage does seem miscast. Ricco Fajardo sounds like he's trying to do his best Robert McCollum impression, while I'm like "Why didn't you guys just get Robert McCollum?" :hmm:

  • My friend and I were very disappointed that the songs weren't dubbed. We'll just continue watching the show in Japanese.

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  • @Milune:

    My friend and I were very disappointed that the songs weren't dubbed. We'll just continue watching the show in Japanese.

    not enough time to dub them for the broadcast dub. should be fixed when its released on disk

  • ^ Not only that, but in most cases they aren't given the proper music and effects tracks until closer to the home video release, so they couldn't dub the songs right now if they wanted to.

  • I'm actually extremely disappointed with the dub. I felt that FUNi could've put more thought on the cast because I probably cringed the whole time I was watching it in English . Now don't get me wrong ,I enjoy dubs . But this is a dub I just can't enjoy. Not dubbing the songs only made it worse as it shows how different the Japanese and English VAs sound like , and this makes the Dub seem even more inferior to the original Japanese. The characters voices just don't suit them well, I felt like the whole time I was watching it, the video was actually muted and random people just happened to match the characters lip movements while talking , it felt so out of place. The only Voices I could approve of was Azuna and Jek's , even Ritsuka's VA didn't fully potray what I think Ritsuka should be. Don't even mention about the main guys, to me they all sounded flat and uninteresting. I know producing a broadcast dub isn't simple, but I was really looking forward to this dub because of how much I loved this show, I was disappointed not because the songs weren't dubbed, I was disappointed because the characters don't sound like what they should sound like. The thing I'm most disappointed about was the intro. OMG, this is the first time that I felt that the original Japanese dub for the intro would have surpassed this dub a 100 times better. Even the English was more on point in the Original Japanese. I'm really disappointed at this dub , I know I may be too picky whatsoever, but just to let you know, I usually don't mind if the English VA doesn't sound like the Japanese VA at all as long as it fits the character and DwD just failed to do so.

  • ^ What I'm curious about is how you're able to watch this dub without being a subscriber.

    Are you watching it through a friend's account? Or are you resorting to "other" methods? -_-

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