Did Shiki sell more in America then Japan?

  • I know the title sounds odd, but after seeing claims that Shiki sold only 2449 copies in Japan (it's #16), which means it's quite possible that it sold more in the US then it did in Japan given Funimation's distribution deals and the fact Shiki has been on the list of series that has recently been brought with them to conventions for sales (and I don't know about other cities, but here in Montreal we buy their series so much they had to have the local retailer they where cooperating with truck in more copies on the first day of a three day convention two months back).

    I know it seems odd, but from what I've seen Shiki is a moderately well known anime within the Western anime community, so with how low it sold (about half the "brake even" 5000 copy mark I've seen people throw around) I'm genuinely curious if it did in fact sell more in the US then Japan.

  • sales figures here aren't released, so there's really no way to know just how much a show sold in North America

  • Probably, but you really can't compare the two.
    $300-400 for Japanese release (complete series)
    $40-50 for US release

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