Have Live Phone or Chat support

  • I know e-mail support takes a long time to respond to, and I think things can be resolved quicker if there was either live Phone or Chat support.

    Be able to call or chat online with a customer service representative to resolve issues fast.

    I think its a great idea. I know I'm trying to get an issue addressed fast, and it be nice to speak live to someone to address issues.

  • Unfortunately, this may take a long time to implement for the same reason it takes a while to hear back on some issues via e-mail. :)

    We have a very small, but dedicated, technical support staff and literally just do not have the manpower to answer phones as well as tickets and e-mails. Having been both a phone agent at another company and working on the e-mails here, I can assure you that there's nothing intrinsically "longer" about e-mails– I can actually answer 4-5 people via e-mail in the time it would take me to complete a single phone call, it's just that we have more tickets than we can complete in 24-48 hours at this time.

    Most call centers, even for small companies, have to have a dozen agents just to provide a basic level of support, because no one likes to spend all day on hold, so I don't see us offering this in the near future.

    Text based, chat support is more feasible-- and is something I've suggested a few times-- but this would likely only be available for technical support issues, not billing or account issues or physical product issues. In the meantime, we ARE working on getting that wait time for e-mails and tickets down and putting things in place to help with that. ^_^

  • I think that you should give text based chat support a try. Maybe consider implementing it.

  • @CJ:

    Text based, chat support is more feasible– and is something I've suggested a few times

    Preachin' to the choir. ^_^

    But I completely encourage anyone who would like to see this implemented to comment here and add your voice! We're always trying to make improvements and the improvements that get made first are usually the ones fans are the most passionate about and interested in– if you really wanted to compare dates of Suggestions Box threads and site updates, I think you'd see some major correlations.

    In that same vein, some other points for discussion:

    If we could only implement chat M-F, 10am - 5pm CT, would it even be worth having? Similarly, there would ALWAYS be some issues we would have to have people make tickets for-- some technical support we offer takes research and testing and we wouldn't be able to do that live. Would a SIGNIFICANT slow down in that kind of personalized support be a fair trade off for the live chat, at least in the beginning? With Live Chat, also at least in the beginning, it's likely you might have to wait 20 minutes or more to live chat with an agent. Would that be acceptable or would that just cause more frustrations?

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