Problems with the Videos

  • When I'm on the simulcasts page and click on the anime that I want to watch nothing shows up on the videos, home, and review pages. The pages do load but the videos don't come up at all it's like they weren't added yet or something so there's nothing to pick from and nothing shows up in the description on the home page of the anime's I want to watch. So I can't see how many episodes it has or the full description of them. So until I know what's going on I can't watch anything other then the ones that are the most recently added on the simulcasts page.

  • also having that same issue =*( so ill be watching this thread

  • I think this is likely describing a different issue from the Blank/Black player issue, but it's an issue that we're currently investigating and trying to figure out. Please do make a ticket about this with a Technical reason code and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

    We don't have specific, set information we're collecting for the issue just yet, so I can't give you something to make sure you give, but we're definitely interested in your browser type and version number and operating system.

    Please make a ticket and DO NOT reply to this thread with that information, however– we need to be able to track this issue. Thanks!

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