What Shows/Books Have You Started But Never Finished On Purpose? (Not just anime)

  • Hey Guys and Gals!
    So I have been thinking about this. What shows have you watched like all the way to the last episode then purposely never finished? also books and book series. and video games. just in general…

    two of the first ones that come to my mind are Death Note because I like how sociopathic he is and i kinda always wanted him to win. So i watched most of the way through it and learned what happened so I stopped watching in order to make it up in my head. the second is the heroes of olympus series, spin off series to the percy jackson and the olympians series by rick riordan, I liked the first 4 then i read about how anticlimactic the last book was and how it didnt follow the main characters and how all the build up in the last 4 books plot was all for not cause of missed opportunity, and i was just like, I will never read this last book no matter how much i want to because i would rather finish it in the most epic way in my head. i mean how could you screw the pooch so badly with a line like "To Storm or Fire The World Must Fall", yet apparently it is possible... anyway so what about you all?

  • Older thread, but better late than never I guess. Wish I had stopped watching Death Note after that certain character dies during Episode 26 or so. It was all downhill from there, at least to me. Like yourself, I wanted Kira to "win"…he had a pretty good run though ^^

    "Nana" was an anime show that I have actually stopped watching more than halfway through. Guess the emotional drama was too much for me and I needed to know whether or not there would be some kind of happy ending. So after reading through the wiki article I moved on to something else, imagining that everybody lived happily ever after. Of course, it is still in my "Continue Watching" category on Netflix, patiently waiting for me to yield to its siren song...

  • There are too many books and anime/TV shows to list (especially anime/TV). You could say I have commitment issues, but I see it as I'm not into self-torture. :) I tend to finish more books in a year than TV shows, though.

  • When I started that Anime journey I create a list I call,
    My self-torture in that list there At moment 3 Anime and 5 Manga that I could not let my Self to Watch or Read. So my Friend say It a list that I will never Watch and Probably I will never do. But If you want to know Which one well just ask me.

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