Director's Cut

  • I have recently become aware of a "Director's Cut" of the first season of Date A Live, with additional scenes. Is there any chance Funimation plans to acquire licensing rights for this? If so, this might explain the egregious delay in announcing a release date for season 2.

  • It probably wouldn't be practical, to get the Director's cut for season 1, since it's already available on Home Video. S2 is probably delayed because of getting the Home Video materials from Kadokawa, and making sure that they've secured the rights for the S2 OVA, because a lot of people who are fans of Kurumi would definitely want that included for the Home Video Release. It could also be actor scheduling as well, as Brynn April (Kotori) , iirc is still in High School and they can legally only work the girl so many hours a week, and as she is also doing some simuldub shows.

  • ^ Bryn's out of high school now. Considering she starred in a lot of broadcast dubs the past few seasons, I don't think scheduling should be a problem for her.

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