Would it be possible to live-stream Funimation con events/things on Twitch?

  • After watching my first ever episode of Dubbletalk today, I was wondering if it's possible to have Con panels and other things broadcast on Twitch? I can imagine echo-y audio would be a dilemma (I've never been to a con of any kind) but it might be neat. I know there is demand for youtube clips of con panels, so why not live broadcast it as well?

    Also, would there be any interest in perhaps just showing more Funimation behind-the-scenes twitch / youtube clips? Like showing what goes on in a dubbing booth or just well I'm not sure, behind the scenes stuff. Sorry I'm just a casual anime fan that likes to see behind the curtain

  • I'm glad you enjoyed Dubbletalk. I'll send your suggestion to the right people.

    Thank you!

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