Question about dubbing.

  • Does Funimation dub or procure dubs for all the shows in their library? I mean does every show not currently dubbed get dubbed, or are some destined to always be sub only?

  • It is very rare for Funimation to not dub an anime, it is the only thing that really gives them an edge over other American anime companies. Sometimes, though, Funimation may get the rights to stream an anime but not the rights for a home video release like for The Asterisk War. Aniplex of America will be the one to dub that if it does get a dub. Even more rarely, Funimation will license a title with no intention of dubbing it. The only title like this that I am aware of is OniAi.

  • .Hack trilogy, Puchimas, Buddy Complex and Inari Kon Knon are the other shows that are sub only

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