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  • Hi, im new to the forums and I had a few questions about fairy tail. I watch English dubbed fairy tail, but i do and have been for a while been watching naruto and one piece subbed, so i might just switch over its just a pain in the butt because i really do enjoy dubbed anime more than the subbed. Anyways, I know that this forum is filled with dubbed questions even though there is a sticky asking for those types of threads not to be posted, but I was just wondering why is it so hard to get a solid release date? I mean its not like its some small company, funimation is quite professional and have been around for years. I understand if Its too hard to predict when it will be released, but, I have looked everywhere and all I can find is rumors about the next Dubbed episodes coming out in November. How come I cant find any thing on the official site saying anything about when the next dubs come out? And if anyone does know, when will they come out? Thanks in advance. :)

  • Episodes 200-212 (dubbed) will be streamed on November 17th for subscriber and Part 18 come out on December 1st on DVD and BD.

    It was not hard to to find these release dates.

  • Well i literally looked everywhere, im sorry if i seem dumb if it was somewhere obvious, lol. But thanks for telling me! Im very exited for the new episodes to come out ive been waiting weeks.

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