Buffering Issues?

  • I was wondering if other people get this as I know for a fact it's not my internet episodes keep buffering and freezing and I don't know why is there a fix for this? btw I'm watching on my PS3.

  • i would check out the the support page , as i just took a look at the information that they have about the ps3 app .
    as i do also have an original ps3 80 gig fat model with the same buffering issues, all though i use my TVs web browser to watch my shows
    ( im lazy ) :)
    if the info on the help page doesn't help you i would put in a support ticket as they suggest

  • @forbsz - Please submit a support ticket at www.funimation.com/support for the fastest service. For PlayStation App issues, please choose "Technical - PlayStation App" as the reason for contact.

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