Did something happen with the Xbox One app?

  • Specifically I've been wanting to watch Fairy Tail and last time I watched off my Xbox it had all the current dubs on it. Now when I load it up it has only the first 4 episodes. Is there a bug or did rights to the show get lost or is my app just messed up. Just wanting some info.

  • Looks like your subscription expired. You're not listed as an "All-Access" user.

  • @Aleathal - Your subscription is no longer active, so the Xbox App will not grant access to more than the first 2-4 episodes of any show. You will need to renew your subscription. If you did not cancel and/or you are still being charged, please submit a support ticket at www.funimation.com/support. Please choose "Shop & Products - Subscription Access" as the reason for contact. A customer support representative will assist you.

    Once your subscription is active again, please exit the app and restart it. Your role will update.

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