Video Player: Add Ability to Preload the Video

  • Hey everyone,

    I just had a a small suggestion regarding the video player: It would be great if it could made to preload the entire video when paused, kind of like YouTube or other streaming sites generally do.

    This would help those with sub-par internet, as they could open up the video and let it load while they did other stuff, and those who just want to watch a video when they are offline.

    Thanks for considering my suggestion :D
    ~ Dpower

  • Currently, we provide about a 5-minute buffer. If this is not sufficient, I can pitch allowing a full duration buffer, but I think what may end up happening is that we add more low bitrates. This would allow the video to begin playing faster and without as much buffering for users on slower connections.

    Watching offline might be an option, though. I'll pitch it. ^_^

    Thank you!

  • Doesn't offline watching tend to pose some licensing issues? I guess it doesn't matter when Funimation already has the licenses.
    I could watch so much more anime if I could preload them before hopping on the bus.

  • Yes, offline watching would be subject to licensor approval.

  • @Sophie:

    Yes, offline watching would be subject to licensor approval.

    Would Funimation have more leeway in regard to a show like Dimension W, where they are part of the production committee?

  • It depends on the item being discussed, but yes.

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