Whats with the intro length?

  • Total Show length -24 min
    Total Song Intro 2:50
    Followed by a 2nd intro (recap) up to 5:00 + sometimes closer to 6+

    that's over 1/5th of the show gone via intro .

    Remembering often the last min of the episode is just preview of the next episode

    6-7 full min of a 24min show are used up on junk / filler.

    I dont think ive ever seen a anime that uses filler like this to waste screen time , Yes usually there is a song intro but at max 1 min or so not 5 min like wth.

    Tbh ever since the second half of the grand line they seem to be really dragging out the show also perhaps its because the shows been catching up with the manga but its getting kind of silly when a entire episode is taken up with more filler by far than the manga had shown.

    Example - luffy fighting bellamy was not nearly this drawn out in the manga but they cant proceed to him fighting doffy until they finish all the side fights/stories but it seems like with all this intro crap taking up 6-7 min of the show every episode they sure arent getting through the side stories fast enough to make things smooth and not drawn out.

    just think personally they should cut the music into down to 1min and do at max a 1 min introduction gain 5 min of actual story progression per episode and in a month you just gained a full episode of story.

  • If they did what you're proposing, they've have to compensate for the workload and the source material in some other way, so either they'd put the show on hiatus, similar to Fairy Tail, or add even more filler arcs, much like Bleach

    The extended opening and recap also allows for production values to stay good. If they had to add even an extra five minutes of new content to each episode, the quality would probably suffer significantly

    For the record, almost every other show has 90 second openings, not 60 seconds

  • As Riles said, there is no good way around it. Long running animes always wind up catching up to the manga and then they have to either waste time and reduce content per episode, make crappy filler arcs, or make annoying recap episodes.

    I do understand your frustration though. Especially considering the ridiculously slow pacing of the story itself. An episode covers so little story, and the story moves so slow. We've been stuck in Dressrosa since January of 2014 and Luffy still hasn't managed to pwn Doflamingo. The pacing makes it difficult to enjoy watching the side character's battles and backstories, because this has dragged out to the point where I just don't care anymore. I have gotten to the point where I'm just letting episodes stack up until the Dressrosa arc is resolved, and I'll just marathon them all at a later date.

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