When does the new episode air?

  • I finally caught up on the subbed episodes, just finished watching episode 714. When does Funi put up the new episodes? They simulcast them don't they? If so, when can I catch it? And is it on the episode list for One Piece as usual?

    edit I just found out it airs tomorrow at 10pm EST. Now will it be on the show episode list? Never seen a simulcast episode before on Funi.

  • If you have it in your queue, it will automatically update to the next episode when it's available, assuming you don't go back and watch old episodes for that series. Otherwise, yes, the episode list will be updated and you can also find it on the main "Stream" page under "Simulcasts". The "Simulcast Videos" section contains the most recently added/updated simulcast videos.

    If you need help finding it when it airs feel free to ask again here. :) Just be aware that sometimes there's a slight delay with simulcast videos being added and it might not be ready at 10pm EST on the dot.

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