Shop credit question

  • There is a special right now where you get a $25 shop credit with the purchase of 12 months of Funimation streaming. The fine print says that it is only available to new customers. Is this deal available then to lapsed customers–customers who have had Funimation streaming subscription in the past, but do not currently have an active subscription?

    The way the special works is that you purchase the streaming subscription and the $25 credit is emailed afterwards, so it is not possible to verify beforehand. Nor does Funimation seem to have 'accessible' support. I suppose at least they have a forum...

  • Which promotion are you referring to? Do you have a link?

    Also, you can email them at to ask them if you have not already.

  • Thanks for the reply. The link is:

    I'll probably get around to emailing, but my experience is that usually emails take considerably more time than other means. I think Funimation's support even requests waiting 3 days for a reply… It would be nice if Funimation was up to 2015 standards on the communication front.

  • Since I'm technical support and am not a billing agent, I can't really confirm specifics of promotions.

    However, the way that this usually works is that it applies to anyone who is not a current member. So, if you currently have a subscription, you are not eligible for the promotion, but if you are not currently a member, you are. Your previous status prior to your current status of not-a-subscriber hasn't mattered in any of our previous promotions.

    Again, I'm not familiar with this specific promotion, but that's how it's worked in the past. I definitely think you should make a ticket asking to make sure.

  • Thanks for your help CJ!

  • Thank you CJ. I was going to say that he wouldn't be eligible but…What do I know? You know more even not being a billing agent hahaha!

    Yeah, honestly I think your best bet would be to send an email to hear from people who know for sure, everyone here (Cept CJ) are just...random Fans like yourself. They only ask 24-48 hours for a response which is.....Literally the same as every other company in 2015 :P

  • As previously stated, I'm not a billing agent ^_^ – I just got some additional information about this particular promotion and it looks like it's for completely new users only.

    Sorry for the confusion. I looked you back up to let you know, but it looks like you've already spoken with billing about the issue and they're assisting you already.

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