Questions About the Censoring

  • i was flipping through some forums one day and i noticed people complaining about how the new tokyo goul, high school dxd born and a few other anime were censored on funimation but the anime was known to not be censored. then someone posted a like that went to the faq in the high school dxd born forums and in there is stated

    "3. Why are the episodes censored? - During the simulcast, FUNimation only has access to the censored broadcast TV masters given to them by Japan. Contrary to popular belief, FUNimation DOES NOT censor the show themselves; they can only use what the Japanese producers offer them in the meantime. They will eventually get the uncensored masters once it gets closer to the home video release, however, and around that time the streaming footage will be updated with the uncensored footage. Note that for free subscribers, ONLY the censored footage is available; you have to upgrade to a paid subscription in order to see the uncensored episodes."

    which i figured made sense and is understandable. but then today i was flipping through the funimation app on my xbox and saw high school dxd born and thought "eh, my friends have been trying to get me to watch it so why not try the first episode" and when i was flipping through it i noticed that the high school dxd born season had been dubbed which brought the forum post i read before into mind so i decided to watch a few minutes of the first episode dubbed of that season just to see if the faq was telling the truth and within the first i wanna say 5 minutes there was censors, which made me think wtf, according to the faq they said it would only be censored until they got everything and dubbed it and were going to release it on dvd and bluray.

    so why is it still censored if they dubbed it? or do they still not have the full footage yet and im completely mistaken?(which is what im thinking and hoping is going on)
    or do they not plan on releasing the uncensored version of these anime or something?

    i was actually planning on watching tokyo goul next cause ive heard its a really great anime and ive seen some clips from it that made me want to see it even more, but if there is going to be a bunch of censors cutting of parts of the screen i probably wont even bother.
    i apologize for the really long post and anyone who mighty be able to explain this to me i would be grateful to.

  • Getting/being dubbed does not necessarily imply that the video will be the uncut version. Several shows each season are chosen to be dubbed as the series airs, and DxD Born was one of those shows. The second season of Tokyo Ghoul is another of those shows that got dubbed as it aired. However, I just quickly loaded up an episode on the first season and it is indeed uncensored as far as I can tell (matched the Bluray).

  • Born was broadcast dubbed. its a new thing they are doing with several show each season. they start dubbing some of their shows a couple weeks after they being airing in Japan and they use the simulcast footage, which means that if a simulcast is censored, the dub will be that way too. only temporary though, they will be replacing it with uncensored masters once they get them, just like the FAQ told you.

  • i actually didnt know that they dub certain shows as they air, im new to being a subscriber.
    another question, my friends told me that if i go to one of those free anime sites i can watch the uncensored version of tokyo goul season 2 there. i personally hate using those sites tho, but how do they have access to the uncut version if all that was released was the TV edited version? probably a really stupid question but i would just like to know how they have it when it wasnt even given to a company like funimation.

  • @Gamefreak9590:

    but how do they have access to the uncut version if all that was released was the TV edited version?

    Some series give exclusive rights to subscription channels like AT-X to broadcast uncut versions of the show. These are generally not provided to the regular broadcasters which would include FUNimation. I don't remember if Tokyo Ghoul's second season had this setup.

  • Yeah, they basically illegally pirate the video from AT-X or whichever, then illegally pirate the audio from Funimation and put them together.

    I wonder of they need eye patches on both eyes for being double pirates…

  • ah, makes sense…doesnt mean its right but makes sense

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