Give me a pair of scissors… -slight spoilers-

  • I need that torques hair guy to cut his hair. It's a beautiful color, but it's so awkward and I don't like it!!!! I mean, he might be a character that I end up liking, but because his hair annoys me, I won't get past it!!!! ahem Sorry. Maybe if they made it more flow-y when he dances or something.

    So far, so interesting. Granted, I've only liked two character songs (the council song and the fire bird song) since the other two seem kind of weird and awkward. I mean spoiler the shy guy is all, "Take back what you said, I am your friend," and starts imagine singing and at the end, Hoshiya, is all "Yeah! thumbs up" (he didn't really do a thumbs up). Not gonna say anything about him all of a sudden singing to you about how grateful he is to be your friend (a not very good song)? You and the others stood in sort of awe at ÅŒtori sudden song and dance. Why not this time?

    Anyway, red head threw me for a loop. I was expecting him to be the laid back character and he wasn't it. You have my respect anime people. You did well with that.

  • Starmyu is such a wonderful breath of fresh air.

    I can't help but smile since this show has so many funny parts to counter balance the more serious and cut throat reality of show biz. The main character Hoshitani is also very likable character. Plus, his reason for being uncomfortable with cats was to die for. It was unexpected and hilarious. Overall this is a great feel good show that lightens the viewers hearts.

    I really hope this show gets dubbed.

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