New heavens lost property movie?

  • will funimation be dubbing the new heavens lost property movie? sees like its been forgotten

  • It came out a year and a half ago in Japan and funimation hasn't said that they've licensed it yet, and it'll be another 12-16 months after that for a dub to be released. So it's likely that they won't dub it, which is a shame because I really liked the anime.

  • God forbid they license and dub the movie that completes the whole story….

  • wouldn't make since for them not to do it they've dubbed both seasons and the first movie but from what ive seen funimation is bad when it comes to business and listening to their fans

  • from what I've heard the movie was bad so I think they don't care to pay for the license of a bad movie. Kinda a shame because I really liked the show as well. Also i don't think there was too high of a demand for the movie, so Funi probably didn't see much profit. Funi does listen to their fans but they still need to profit. If the sales for Heavens lost property were better it probably would persuade Funi a little more. It is kinda annoying though because this is just like Future Diary, they licence all of it besides the ending to the series.

  • It takes time, but according to some people, the movie was bad since it skipped a ton of chapters and the ending felt as if it was unfinished.

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