For one piece fans message

  • i know some of you prefer buying the one piece collection , but do you think I would better to buy the voyage instead of the collection. Cause, if you wait until collection to come out. you could wait longer for funimation to get license for more season or cancel the anime cause lack money.

    Just saying cause , I am one piece fan and I want one piece to continue growing that my concern .

  • I say go ahead and buy the collections. This series is a very excellent series that I recommend to all ages. If you really want One Piece to continue growing then go ahead and buy the voyages but I recommend the collections cuz their much cheaper. Have a nice day and God Bless

  • I would think if the Collections go noticeably better than the voyages it should encourage a lower price point. ($50 for 13 episodes is more than I can do on my budget. Makes this Streaming thing nice, though)

  • I buy the regular sets that they release, you know, the season sets, but later upgrade to the collection sets cause they save room on the bookshelf. Only got so much room for the DVDs and the mangas.

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