The endless hole that is Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls

  • Yes it is a older title, yes it is way better on pc
    and yes the cube is a game breaker on the console .

    But man I have spent soooo many hours on this game and it is just awesome.

    Anybody else feel the same way?

    What's your highest paragon?

    I just hit 200.

    And Favorite Class?

    Mine is definitely the monk with the wizard coming in close second.

  • It's a very good game. I'm only 13 paragon but I recently restarted as a Witch Doctor (previously Monk). WD seems pretty fun… you basically create a bunch of things that fight for you as you drop a bunch of DoTs and fight from the outside. The playthrough seems way easier than my first time through, so I don't know if I'm just better as a WD than a monk or my build is really strong (trying it just on Master until I beat the game once).

  • Yo WD is pretty dope hes really safe with all those pets of his my buddy just finished HC with me using WD.

    Monk is actually pretty hard to get going tbh, You gotta start out by getting his defense waay high then start working on attack at least that's how I did it.

    That and thanks to a little certain cube I was able to get his shenlong set fist which REALLY optimized his attack for me.My monk was my first character too I didn't think he'd be as good as I was making him but now I can do torment X with the guy, A sluggish pace mind you and not likely ready for lvl 53 rifts or anything like that yet but that's just cause my paragon lvl is low.

    But I can solo torment X bosses its pretty sweet.

    Ps my bad for the late response that's just how I am really I make all this stuff forget its here and come back like oh yeah I was on here and what not.

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