New Fairy Tail character

  • How can i contact to the creator of Fairy Tail? Srry its Samantha Again.

  • Hey Samantha,

    While there is not a direct way that anyone here will know of to reach out to the creators of Fairy Tail the show is currently being produced by A-1 Pictures. You could start there?

    It is worth noting that almost no production companies will take unsolicited Character, story arc, or similar ideas from Fans. They do this because they are consistently coming up with their own ideas so they do not want to risk acknowledging you idea and then coming out with one of their own that is similar and open themselves up to law suits.

    Sorry, not trying to be mean but even if you reach out to them they probably wont listen to your ideas.

  • Also, there's the language barrier to contend with. Most of the staff at A-1 Pictures only speak Japanese and not a single word of English.

    You could always try getting someone who speaks the language to translate a message for you (don't use Google Translate, it turns it into absolute gibberish), but there's still no guarantee your message will reach them even then. :hmm:

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