New Fairy Tail Characters

  • Hi, Im Samantha I was wondering if you can create two new characters for the Anime Fairy Tail i always daydream about it well, can you Create Alana Frost (The inner moka akashiya but with no rosary chain) and can she have her fairy tail mark just like Natsu but purple shes an ice mage her color is purple and the other one is Sam Frost she has Brown hair and brown eyes her ice color is red they are both sisters, I was wondering if you can create both of them the age of sam is 15 and Alana is like the before age of Gray can it be when they met as when Alana was alone. Im an Fan of Fairy Tail it inspired me alot i care for everyone i fight for my family i cry with them. FAIRY TAIL IS #1!

    If u have any questions about it message me on kik Samyceron! Thanks for inspiring me Fairy tail and the creator of Fairy Tail😭😭😉😉

  • Hi there. Welcome to the forums.

    Unfortunately, FUNimation doesn't actually make anime, so there's no way for them to add any additional characters to the series. That would be up to the original author and the Japanese production companies.

    Also, The Suggestion Box forum is meant to be a place to recommend changes to the website and forums as a whole, not for people to post requests such as this. If you'd like to share your ideas for your own fan-created characters, please feel free to post them in our "Fan Works" section here:

    Sorry for the confusion. I'm going to close this topic now. Let me know if there's anything else I can help you with. :)

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