Any Good Horror Anime?

  • There are a lot of horror films out there, so I was wondering if anybody knows of any good horror anime shows or movies. Ones that will actually scare me while watching them.

  • I haven't found many anime that I'd class as "scary", but, like comedy, what somebody finds scary/creepy/unnerving will differ person to person. Higurashi When They Cry does a pretty good job, but that isn't available streaming anywhere yet (Sentai announced they rescued it a couple months ago).

    Yami Shibai has some creepy episodes. It's a series of unrelated shorts though, and some aren't that good.

    Another might be one worth checking out, but I thought the dolls and silly deaths just got tiring.

    Ghost Hunt had one arc that I thought was very well done and creepy (Bloodstained Labyrinth).

    From the New World is sort of scary.

    And there's Petshop of Horrors and Shiki.

  • Thanks for the suggestions I'll check them out.

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