Is there a chance for a second season?

  • I know I shouldn't demand a second season and all because I've read that forum. What I would like to know (after finishing watching the limited edition finally) was if there might possibly be a second season.

  • maybe. the anime had decent sales, and I believe the games do alright, so a second seoasn probably could happen

  • It'd be tough, since I believe the anime covered every individual game's basic premises. But I guess that wouldn't necessarily stop them from turning it into something even more slice-of-life

  • There's really nothing for them to make a follow-up for. If you want more HDN play the games, they're on steam (well… two of them) and they appear to go on sale every so often or if you have a Vita you could play the Rebirth games there or if you own a PS3 you can play the originals.

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