• I just finished listening to the ANNCast, and realized there are a lot of common questions which fans, subscribers, and those that only purchase for home release have regarding the industry and particularly Funimation activities. I don't do social media because of the inherent security risks in the real world, so wasn't really able to submit a possible question for the airing. Has there been any thought given to possibly creating a question and answer area where 1-2 of the more popular questions for a time frame can actually get attention within the Funimation website community? Obviously, questions about specific titles would likely have to be avoided, unless there was some breaking news that just had to be shared by staff (in which case it should probably be in the blog anyway), but more toward giving the fans an idea of what's really happening. As an example, the only question I was really hoping to get answered was kind of skirted around in the interview, but not really answered because the question posed and responses given were geared more toward simulcast numbers. Likewise, there was a lot of "trash talk" around the web regarding the recent collector edition release delays. I would tend to believe something that big would have been responded to much more quickly than the blog release if there were a way for someone to just ask "What's actually up with this" rather than the generally accepted conclusion at that time being "Their new shipping partner is botching this and causing them to slip".

    This is all conjecture, but an outlet for answering those hot questions of the time could likely avoid a lot of the confusion as well as allow fans to understand more about why a given show isn't going to get a dub this season/year or why the sub/dub script doesn't match up to what is actually being said in the original. Obviously, it could be a PR nightmare. However, it could also build goodwill between the fans and company if properly managed with a relatively prudent schedule.

  • This has been suggested and would most likely be managed by Social or PR. I'm not really sure that you would get more information than what is said in podcasts or on our various social accounts, but I think it's definitely worth sending up the chain. I would imagine it going a lot like a Reddit AMA.

  • Even having a location on the forum where the info from the other social medias could be available would be a drastic improvement. I'm not sure if it's common knowledge, but a lot of careers/employers (especially in specialized security fields) restrict the use of social media sources. Having a central source for the little blurbs which may be missed, as well as the ability to have industry questions pertaining to Funimation considered for response would definitely simplify PR and allow customer concerns to be put to rest. The biggest obvious hurdle is how to actually sort legit concerns versus things which may be better represented by support or customer service.

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