Pamphlet For Dragon Ball Z: Android 13/ Bojack Unbound (Double Feature) [Blu-ray] ?

  • Hello All,

    I have just recently purchased the set of Dragon Ball Z movies 1-13 but all but one is missing its inside pamphlet. The missing pamphlet is from Dragon Ball Z: Android 13/ Bojack Unbound (Double Feature) [Blu-ray]. I thought that I received a bad copy so I reordered the same movie again from amazon and once again the inside pamphlet is not there. Can any one tell me if there should be one or not included with this movie? I just find It strange that all the other movies have a dragon ball on each pamphlet and this movie should have the fifth dragon ball but its missing.

    Thanks .


  • I think they stopped including the paper pamphlets inside of the cases. I don't know why but the last time I wanted one I emailed support and the provided me with a link to where I can download/print them off. Wish I still had that link but I deleted the email a long time ago sorry :(.

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