Things you shouldn't say in bed: Anime edition

  • There's no goal, just meant to be funny. Take a quote (even a partial quote) in an anime (out of context usually works best) that would sound completely wierd/wrong to say in bed. Dub and/or sub, no limits except for anime quoting. You don't have to say where its from, sometimes its more fun to just read and wonder "WTF!? WHO SAID THAT!?" I'm too tired to think of more than one so I'll probably add more in sometime in the next 24 hours xD I also wasn't particularly sure where this would best belong, but figured since its general anime quoting, the anime forum seemed appropriate.

    "Wow this really IS an explosion!"

  • "Having these balls makes me feel something that resembles joy, I think….

    I want to caress them..."

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