Episode 12 discussion and review of the show!

  • OKAY! so before I start I want to say DON'T read this if you don't wan't any spoilers of any sorts about the 12th episode of B3. This is a bit late and the 12th episode is coming up very soon! October 3rd with a 46 minute time slot so i just wanted to see if anyone wanted to get in any quick discussions about the feel of what the last episode is going to be like. (completely just ideas, no actual information)

    HOKAY! getting started with the first… I would say 2 to 5 minutes of the first episode, that a lot of people just brushed off, was actually REALLY important because those first few minutes when Leo was talking to his sister were of course shots for the LAST EPISODE! as easy as it was to figure that out (still completely theory). In that episode you see complete chaos and everyone just going ham on the citizens of Hellsalems Lot... But why?! ever sense I first noticed that was moments from the last episode I kept wondering ,why is literally everyone in a complete rampage and the guys from Libra are just slaughtering people? Anyone have any good ideas on how that might tie into the story leaving off from the 11th episode?

  • Basically what happened is that the King of Despair got White to use Leonardo's eyes so that he could destroy Hellsalem's Lot. So Libra is slaughtering all those guys to stop the King of Despair and to back up Leonardo as he saves Hellsalem's Lot from being wiped out. lol also what a great show! It has humor, action, and drama. I really hope they make a season 2 as there are so many story lines left open to explore.

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