Colossal Attack on Titan Bundle

  • I apologize if this isn't the right place for this post I couldn't figure out where to put this. Anyways just a quick question, in the Colossal Attack on Titan Bundle,, does it contain limited editions of season 1 and 2 or the standard editions? The reason I'm confused is because in the picture it looks like the limited edition but in the description it says $49.99 value which is the value of the standard edition. If it is the limited editions this is a steal lol

  • The picture shows the standard editions.

    The Limited Editions do not have the blue stripe on the slip covers.

  • I might be going crazy because I could have sworn yesterday there was not the blue stripe, but now there is.

  • No, the picture clearly showed the limited editions yesterday. They changed it today.

    You aren't going crazy. :P

  • Yep, not going crazy. We corrected the image as soon as we realized the error, and we apologize for the confusion. We have already notified everyone that ordered the bundle before we fixed the image.

    Below is what will be included in the Attack on Titan Colossal Bundle:

    1 - Attack on Titan Part 1 Standard Edition ($49.98 value)
    1 - Attack on Titan Part 2 Standard Edition ($49.98 value)
    1 - Attack on Titan Before the Fall EXCLUSIVE FUNimation Edition ($23.99 value)
    A $123.95 value—yours for only $39.99!

    If anyone has any questions, please visit and choose "Shop & Products - Orders" as the reason for contact. You can also email funimationstore (a) funimation dot com.

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