Really funimation!!!

  • WOW just wow if what Lance Heiskell said back in July about you guys ignoring the fans opinions in that survey is true, you guys just lost alot of my respect, it's one thing to make decisions based on what you think is going to sell, it's another to not only completely ignore what fans have to say but to also spit in our faces when we tell you exactly what we want and despite overwhelming demand for a 4:3 release you still in essence tell us to piss off, if that's how you truely feel about the opinions of the DBZ fanbase then F**K YOU FUNIMATION

  • I rechecked the thread with the 4:3/16:9 poll, and sure enough 4:3 won by a landslide, so there's probably some merit to that tweet.

  • I take it they did the same with the Dragon Box survey and on top of that completely ignored the movies release.

  • SERIOUSLY??? Not only do you spit in the faces of 4:3 DBZ fans nationwide with the ignoring your survey crap, but now you spit in our faces yet again by not only offering something alot of fans have been wanting a 2nd chance to get their hands on for years but you do so only at one convention (basically leaving out people that aren't in that area) and at marked up prices to match the prices of f**king scalpers??? WTFH is wrong with you (if they were being sold at their original retail price I wouldn't be nearly as bothered by this)? Talk about one of the biggest disrespects to alot of the people in the DBZ fanbase who got you where you are today.

  • @Superrayman3:

    (if they were being sold at their original retail price I wouldn't be nearly as bothered by this)

    I assure you, if they were being sold at their original retail price, it would have 100% been bought up by scalpers who would then sell them at the same exorbitant prices. You were going to pay that price regardless of whether it came from the source or from scalpers, so it's pretty much lose-lose for the consumer in any respect. At the very least, the good thing is that there are now more copies out in the wild, which should reduce the prices a little, and you know the money goes directly to the company that helps provide anime in the US, instead of some dude lining his or her pockets

  • I see your point Riles but you have to understand that the scalpers do this because they know the CASUAL (key word) fans will eventually buy. Its a lose both ways but really a spit in the face to the hardcore fan base, the many fans that deserve this just simply cant get their hands on it because of the price, they refuse. This is total disrespect to the very loyal fans of Dragon Ball and 4x3 purist.

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