• I'm VERY new to manga, and hadn't even read one till last month. However, because a lot of series will likely never get a dub, it seemed like the obvious solution. Long story short, big sale tomorrow, and want to stock up on new titles. I'm currently reading, and current on the releases of: High School DXD, So I Can't Play H, Seraph of the End, Tokyo Ghoul, Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?, and Monster Musume. I'm looking for suggestions for other series which may be of interest, and are currently likely to be available. Researching titles to find anything of interest doesn't seem to be getting me too far, and I really need to stock up for the next month on short notice.


  • For something that can be very violent but is also very funny and weird, check out Dorohedoro. The art's great too. It's about a guy who is looking to get his old head/face back (he's been cursed to look like a lizard) living in a city that is used as a dumping/testing ground for skilled magic users to do what they want.

    Monster is an excellent thriller/drama about a doctor who ends up having to hunt down and kill a patient he saved years ago. The patient ended up being a dangerous psychopath and the doctor feels partially responsible.

    Umineko When They Cry is great if you're interested in mysteries. It's violent, and more than a little confusing, but very very good. It's about a group of 18 people, composed of one wealthy family and their servants, who were killed on their isolated private island in the middle of a typhoon. The core issue is solving the closed-room murders and debunking magic/witches to prove that the culprit was an ordinary human.

    Attack on Titan is a staple recommendation these days. The manga's art is rough and definitely takes some getting used to, but the story expands well beyond the anime. A second season is coming soon though.

    Pandora Hearts is my personal favorite. It's a fantasy heavily influenced by Alice in Wonderland and has lots of mystery and tragedy. Like Umineko it can get confusing due to the twists and secrets but isn't really that hard to puzzle out. It's about a teen boy who makes a deal with a girl named Alice to help get her memories back and solve the mystery of his "sin".

    Blood Lad is a rather fun shounen action comedy. It's about a girl who dies in the demon realm, turns into a ghost, and makes a deal with a vampire, who happens to be a huge anime and manga fan, to help her return to life.

  • Yeah, you really can't go wrong with Monster. It's not a new manga series, but the "Perfect Edition" is currently being released by VIZ.

  • @7jaws7:

    Yeah, you really can't go wrong with Monster. It's not a new manga series, but the "Perfect Edition" is currently being released by VIZ.

    I whole-heartedly agree with this. If you end up liking Monster, you should also look up Naoki Urasawa's earlier work Master Keaton, which is being released for the first time ever here in the States.

  • Blood Lad seems to be something I have to look for. It's just has too many of the things I look for in a good anime to not give the manga a shot. While Monster doesn't really seem to fit my normal, everyone else seems to think it's worth a look. With a reception like that, I'd be a fool to not give it a try. Any others I should be watching for?

  • While I suspect this reply may have come too late, might I still suggest: Dragonar Academy, Trinity Seven, Magika Swordsman and Summoner, Is this a Zombie, and Omamori Himari. Also, while I've not actually read these next titles, going by what I know of them and what you're currently reading perhaps the Ubel Blatt series, and 12 Beast may too appeal to you.

  • While the suggestion was a bit late, I did happen to pick up Dragonar Academy. I'm actually looking forward to the dub release, so it was kind of a given. I also picked up Blood Lad and xxxHolic. I had been waiting on the chance to get the complete holic series, and they just happened to have all seven of the omnibus format.

    It's funny that you mentioned Trinity Seven though. That and Magical Girl Apocalypse were two of the titles I researched and still on the fence about. The premises are interesting, but I couldn't really decide, so they got edged out by other series.

    Strangely enough, I've only been collecting manga for less than a month, and actually had to go buy a new bookshelf to hold the series I've collected. Luckily, there isn't anything else I'm wanting at the moment since I've already spent my limit for the month. However, only four more days till another month, and another round of adding to the collection.

    On that note, please keep the suggestions coming.

  • I recommend Rosario Vampire, its my personal favorite. It isn't like the anime, the manga is much more serious. I also like All You Need Is Kill, Monster, and Bakuman. All of these are buy able for not too bad of a price, Rosario Vampire is $150 for 24 volumes (being released soon), All You Need is Kill is $15 (its one volume), Bakuman is $120 for 20 volumes (Amazon sometimes has it for $80), and Monster is being rereleased currently. Edit: I forgot about Death Note ($70 on amazon for 12 volumes)

  • I'm curious about the difference in the Rosario Vampire manga and anime versions. IMO, first season wasn't too bad, but didn't care for the second.

    Another which I'm looking for, which doesn't seem to be available anywhere is Heaven's Lost Property. The Japanese version is readily available, but my kanji skills aren't good enough to even think about attempting to read them. I found a couple older mentions of it being licensed by a company called JManga, but nothing to be found about the translation or even the company.

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