Exact difference between manga and manhwa?

  • This question is bothering me a bit because I thought the difference was obvious but now im not so sure anymore. Because I mean, manhwa are basically comics from Korea, right? And manga are comics from Japan. Now the other day I read somewhere on the itnernet (God knows where) some guy claiming that manhwa is from China and even stating that manhwa actually meant something (comic-related) in Chinese. So that got me pretty confuesd :S. Does that make any sense?

    I saw the Huffinton Post is now also showing manhwas on its website, or at least comics from Korea. So do we call that manhwa or is the guy right and are manhwas from China? If so, what do we call Korean comics then??? :S

  • Manhwa is Korean. Manhua is the term for Chinese comics, so it's very VERY similar with only a single letter difference and presumably very similar pronunciation (I'm not very familiar with Korean and Chinese pronunciations).


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