• I'm going to a con, and I think I want to cosplay. I don't know as what yet….open to ideas! Also I'm kinda on s budget:/

  • are you open to cosplaying characters of either gender? since you didnt give any info on anime you seen/liked to get an idea of an easy/cheap cosplay from what you seen ill give you some ones from characters i know of

    light yagami
    misa amane
    sailor moon
    (if you're good at making your own costume then papi from monster musume"
    ken kaneki
    yoko littner
    tomoko kuroki

    honestly i could keep going, no matter if you like any of those characters or not, most of their premade costume sets will be pretty cheap compared to a lot of other ones i seen, been more helpful if you reply with what your budget would be exactly

  • Bulma from either of the recent Dragon Ball Z movies would be something easily recognizable, but pretty budget.

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