FUNimation Release Black Hole

  • Evangelion 3.33

    • Dub premiered at NYCC 10/11/13
    • Going to theaters January 2014! Pre-order NOW!
    • "Due to theatrical demand…" January home video release delayed until later IN 2014
    • 12/23/14... working on it? I mean, it was DONE 14 months earlier, but whatever...

    Steins:Gate movie, Strike Witches movie, Haruhi Suzumiya, Lucky Star

    • Announced acquisition at Otakon, 08/14
    • everything else from their announcements has been completed and released, or close to release
      (other than Freezing Vibrations, which at least has been broadcast dubbed)

    There are several frustrating things here as paying customers that would be nice to have explanations for:

    1.) Evangelion 3.33 was DONE. It was DONE enough that they felt comfortable opening up pre-orders. it was DONE enough that up until about a month before it was supposed to release on Blu-Ray/DVD, they were STILL taking pre-orders. It was DONE enough that the movie was shown in theaters... on schedule.

    2.) Haruhi Suzumiya was DONE. Let's be perfectly honest here--all FUNimation has to do with this series make box art and get discs printed. Hell I own the original DVDs, I can tell you they are DONE. The same can be said for Lucky Star.

    3.) Is Steins;Gate or Strike Witches seriously less popular than the BlazBlue series???? Because if they are, that's pretty much the bombshell announcement of the century in anime. But assuming they aren't.... how does a marginally popular SERIES get completed and released before 2 movies, at least one of which is from arguably one of FUNimation's most popular properties?

    It just seems like there have been a lot of misfires and creation of false hope since about this time in 2013. I know you can say "well 5 things not being out yet isn't that big of a deal.." except, then you have to consider that's FIVE things in 24 months that have either been delayed or announced and forgotten.

    Evangelion 3.33 is a debacle. That's all there is to it.

    After that blew over (somewhat) things were ok, until August of 2014.

    Since Otakon 2014, there haven't been a lot of acquisition announcements that didn't relate to upcoming simulcasts or broadcast dubs, meaning they pretty much have acquired most of the previously released titles they have interest in (sad face for the probably never coming 2nd Heaven's Lost Property movie that finishes the story).

    And while I think it's nice, really, all the hard work and efforts of the broadcast dubs (more than half of which I have watched or have in my queue still)... If FUNimation had asked last August which we'd rather have by the end of 2015, broadcast dubs, or release of everything that was announced at Otakon 2014, I have a feeling I know what the answer would have been.

  • Funi also has a few titles that they liscened a few years back when Bandai closed up in North America that nothing has been done with.

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