Case closed

  • is there ever going to be anymore case closed episodes out in English ?

  • not from funimation

  • Inbeforethreadislocked

    No sadly, as awesome as Case Closed is Funi has no current plans of continuing to Dub the series. It did not perform as well as they had hoped in its origional run despite the popularity in Japan.

    The most receint episodes are being streamed from CR but you are on your own for Episodes 130-500ish?

    It would be awesome if Funi would just get the Subbed episodes for everything Case Closed/Detective Conan. Minimal work from them and I could keep watching.

    Buuutttt…..They are done :(

    Glad to see others are a fan of the show!

  • CR has been simulcasting Detective Conan since Ep. 754,

  • @Series5Ranger:

    CR has been simulcasting Detective Conan since Ep. 754,

    Oh so I was way off.

    I haven't looked into it very much because I dont want to miss out on episodes 131-753 >.>

    I assume there is some plot development in those 600 episodes.

  • If your talking about things that happen beside the cases themselves.
    Then yes.
    Because from what i see Gosho Aoyama likes to get people on the wrong track.
    Thinking that you know what's going to happen with wich character.
    And teh Aoyama is like think again.
    Btw i'm at ep 791 myself and seen the 19th movie.

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