Wondering about the xbox one app

  • Do you get a shows/movies from this app once subscribed? I've tried out the preview not guilty crown subbed but not dubbed. Are shows like this that has a dubbed versions locked for previews and need to subscribe to get it or is xbox app limited to a point? I understand some people perfer subbed but if there is a dubbed version I rather not read.

  • I'm not sure if the xbox one app of funimation is locked to sub only when you are previewing/non-subscriber…cause i've been an all access subscriber for awhile now. But since i've been a full access subscriber, both dubbed and subbed are watchable on the xbox one if you subscribe. Try a one month subscription, and you'll never regret the awesomeness. Btw, I recommend you watch Freezing. It's a superb anime!

    I know on the 360 and ps3 when you preview a show as a non-subscriber, you can watch dubbed and subbed, so idk

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  • Thanks for a half answer xbox one preview does have dub also but I'm wondering about shows that were subbed there not having dubbed knowing there's a dubbed version like attack on titan and guilty crown, I understand not letting preview members watch movies that's why I also asked if the xbox one app is limited in the content. I honestly wouldn't mind a dubbed only option

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