Multi-genre search and a mixed rotation of que'd shows.

  • I've been using the site for a while now and I love it. I have two suggestions I think would be helpful. First, if you could search by multiple genres on the shows page it would really help drill down to a more specific selection. Such as "comedy+mecha" along with the ratings, popularity, etc instead of just comedy, ratings, and popularity.

    The second suggestion is like a playlist of que'd shows. Like alternating episodes of different shows in order instead of just watching one show straight through.

  • THANK YOU for saying that you want multi-genre search! I have been fighting for this one!

    As for the playlist option, this exists, but it's very hidden because we had discussed removing it. In fact, it's not even a menu option.

    Go here:

  • Right?! Multi-genre searches would be awesome, and (to the best of my knowledge) I haven't seen it on a single streaming site anywhere.

    Wow, the playlist exists. You've made me a very happy dude. If you're ever in Kentucky, I owe you a bourbon.

  • Hulu kiiiind of does it, but I'm not sure. You can type in "comedy, action" into the search and get results that appear to be action comedies, but I still feel like it would be better to choose from multiple genres so you know what the choices are.

  • I think the playlist option is going to be removed eventually. :hmm:

  • How did you make the face? I have a very forlorn face I need to communicateโ€ฆ

    but a multi-genre search function would make it up. Just sayin'.

  • :/


    Ok I swear I have made the face before but now I can't. :/






    Thanks SMH!

  • :*hmm:

    Type the above, then delete the *, and you get: :hmm:

    Although if you're feeling more irritated than anything, try typing -*-, and once again deleting the *, to get: --

  • Lol, it was more of a joke. It's hard to get tone into text. I mostly watch funi on the roku, and couldn't get the playlist to work on there anyways.

  • Ah, yes, playlist is only a site feature. It isn't synced across devices, but wouldn't that be neat? If users really want that kind of feature, please create a separate thread for it here in the Suggestions forum. It is highly likely that it will eventually drop off as the site continues to be updated unless users object.

    Also, if you want to render smilies as the BBcode text, put noparse tags around your text, so:

    like this :hmm:

    That face used to appear when you typed :/ but that made links render with that face inserted as part of the http://

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