New Dub Cast Members: Thoughts?

  • First and foremost, I just want to say that I'm really enjoying the dub of episodes 176+! I hope that the cast continues to deliver their exceptional performances!

    On the topic of cast members, given the unfortunate passing of Bob Magruder back in January of 2015, the role of the narrator was recast with Jim White (who I'm not very familiar with, but I think he's doing a pretty good job, given the shoes he has to fill). But what about other characters that have seen cast members depart?

    In particular, who would be a good fit for Igneel?

    …and I hate to bring this up, but Bixlow (Bicslow or however you want to spell it) is going to have to be replaced given the deplorable situation with his actor (and that FUNimation has officially terminated their relationship with him), so who would be a good fit for Bixlow (Bicslow)?

  • since Bob was also Igneel, I'm guessing Jim will play the role as well

  • Director Tyler Walker said in one of the dvd commentaries that Jim White was a good friend of Bob Magruder. Nevertheless, Jim White's performance as narrator is excellent.

    One possible replacement for Bixlow's voice actor would be Marcus Stimac. Stimac has in other shows played wild characters with raspy voices such as Dr. Hogback in One Piece. However, he has already been cast as two characters on Fairy Tail before (Zordio and Warcry) so that might hurt his chances. Another possible candidate would be Clifford Chapin. Chapin has not been cast in Fairy Tail and in my opinion the right voice to match with a character such as Bixlow.

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