Will season 2 make any sense without first seeing season 1?

  • It has been approximately one year since Funimation has posted about trying to get season one from crunchyroll. it seems doubtful? That Funimation will get season 1 (dubbed) so my question is will season 2 make any sense if I haven't seen season 1?

    hopefully I just miss the news for season 1 and it's in the works.

    thanks in advance.

  • It will make sense, but there will be some references and throwbacks to the first season that you probably won't understand or otherwise miss entirely. The flashback of the relay with Rin and most of Rei's story might not make much sense, but everything else should be fine

    Should probably just watch season 1 on Crunchyroll regardless though. No matter how long you wait, season 1 is probably never going to stream here, even if they convince Crunchyroll to let them dub it

  • well thanks for the info I guess I'll just watch season 2 without watching season 1. I would watch it on crunchyroll if they had a dub.

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