Why u censor :(

  • I bought a sub so that i could watch uncensored highschool dxd because a friend recommended it to me. My pervy ass loves the shit. Theres just one problem, i get to 3rd season and its censored :(. now i f***ing love the plot but i love tits too and i dont wanan watch it censored cuz its not the same. So if i get the all access pass will it be uncensored? Im not going to buy it just to be disappointed and if i had known i would have bought the all access pass to begin with

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  • that's how it aired in japan. nothing they can do about that until they receive the uncensored materials you will see on the DVD/BD release. give it about a year

  • Which season are you watching? Because the first two should be uncensored if you have a membership, even with a Subpass.

    If your subscription is activated and you're signed in but you're still getting the censored version, please send a ticket in to www.funimation.com/support and the admin team will look into it.

    Now, be warned, only the first two seasons are uncensored for right now. Season 3 (aka High School DxD BorN), is still the censored version. It's going to be about a year or so before FUNi gets a hold of the uncensored masters for that one, so you might want to hold off on watching it for a while.

  • I'm more or less surprised that this is still an issue with people several months after airing. and its only DxD that i see people whine about.

  • Well it was really interesting. Yea i got through the first 2 seasons and when i got to the first episode of 3rd i was like :(((. But a year? i am le sad

  • Be more surprised that it pulled off a season three and has a decent possibility for a season 4 which is more surprising. Most anime don't get past the season 2 barrier. Though I could understand why there wouldn't be a S4, S3 was definitely their weakest season.

  • Echo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o…........

    But yeah, blame Japan for making your fave shows and the covering them up! Will just have to wait :(!

  • @darthrutsula:

    Though I could understand why there wouldn't be a S4, S3 was definitely their weakest season.

    It is also weaker in sales in Japan. Although only 2 of the 6 video volumes are out, sales typically decline with each later volume, so the current average (6,302) is unlikely to improve significantly. While that is still good, it is a substantial drop from the second series (9,422 average sales) compared the second series' drop relative to the first (10,040 average).

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