Collector's Edition

  • Did something happen with the Collector's Edition release? I preordered it September 6th on Amazon and up until today the release date was stated as the 22nd, like with the other editions. But earlier today I received an email saying they were no longer sure of the release date and would update me when they knew more. I also see now that it's been removed from the Funimation site. However, the page is still up on Best Buy's site and has a release date of the 22nd.

  • RightStuf also still has it listed for the 22nd. Maybe it sold out from Funi's shop and that's why they no longer have it listed. It seems like Funi's been having distribution problems these past couple of months, so Amazon might be having trouble acquiring stock to fill orders on a timely basis. You could contact Amazon and ask them for more clarification on the issue if they have any.

  • Well, now my order status on Amazon was changed to "Preparing for Shipment" and I was charged for it, so I'm not really sure what's going on at this point haha. But yeah, they might have sold out and aren't taking any new orders. Here's hoping I can expect my package come Tuesday, though.

  • Well, good to hear that the email was a false alarm and that they're readying your set to ship! Barnes and Noble does stuff like that with my pre-orders all the time, it's annoying.

  • Ahh, do they? I've never preordered anything from there. And yeah, it turns out my estimated delivery is actually tomorrow now! Four days early 😎

  • my email said that they were being recalled do to a imperfection

  • Now that it has been released, is there any difference between the released version and the original version (some from Amazon were shipped before the recall)?

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