Season 1 Episode 12 Song (Full English Version) ?

  • Does anyone know if Funimation produced a full version of the dubbed song by Eucliwood Hellscythe in 01x12?
    And if so, where can I buy it? Because that song was just so beautiful and calming.

  • FUNimation doesn't really produce "full versions" of insert songs. I know this because I asked Brina Palencia herself at a convention this past year.

    Specifically, I asked her if there was a full English version of "Stones" from The Rolling Girls, and she explained that they really can only dub what the Japanese give them, and usually they're only given the truncated versions that air in the episode proper. In order to dub the full song, they'd have to license it separately, and the Japanese music business is notorious for being VERY hard to deal with.

    I do know that some artists like Vic Mignogna sometimes cover the insert songs themselves, but when he does it he completely re-records it from the ground up with brand new instrumentation and everything, plus he does this on his own time without any connection to FUNimation whatsoever. For the record, Brina said she really wished there was a full version of Stones, because it's one of her favorite songs that she got to sing for an anime.

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