Elite Membership Cancellation

  • Wasn't the Elite membership deal for 59.95 first offered last year Decemeber? I am almost certain that I signed up then and paid for an elite membership for one year. Well a month or so ago I lost my debit card so had to get a new one so the hassle is remembering to update the card so for this site it did need to be updated but it says my membership was cancelled. It hasn't been a year yet and now as I try update the card, the site keeps saying there is something wrong. If I am mistaken about when this was first introduced my apologies, if not, I am kind of annoyed because my year should have been up this December. I am going to keep trying to update my card because the deal is a good one but still not sure what is going on. Anyone else having issues?

  • Send a ticket in to www.funimation.com/support and the tech team will help you out as soon as they are able.

  • Thanks. I contacted the support team.

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