Esp 18 and rape

  • Change title of thread please… too much spoiler!!!

  • Did you not see ep 6? he raped satellizer clear and clean

  • Most people are focusing on the wrong person here. It's not about Louis, it's about Satellizer. He isn't "[getting] off" (poor choice of words there OP) without punishment. It isn't about him. It's about Satillizer and her transformation from being the submissive to becoming the dominant. I believe the choice was poor for the domination to be sexual in type, but I believe that just happened to fit the dynamic of Louis and Satillizer, and the author took the easy way out and got stuck in a predicament.

    All in all it was suppose to be just that, a girl crawling her way out from under the boot of a tyrant and becoming the one with the power, not only over herself but over him. It was a transfer if power that was suppose to be a little more dramatic than was depicted. It's literally not David killing Goliath, but David swapping roles with Goliath.

    That's just my two cents though, I culd be trying to romanticize it too much.

    P.S. I am not making light of the act of rape. Im just discussing the events that followed. I am also not justifying Louis' actions in any way, nor am I saying he has redeemed himself in any way. I am sayin Satilizer now holds his future in her hands and he knows it.

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