Going to a con!!

  • I just wanted to know what to expect, Im going to my first panel.
    I'm going to a Vic Mignogna Q&A. Shout out any good questions!! Thanks!

  • Depending on which con you're going to, you can expect it to be crowded, and you can expect to wait in line a VERY long time. Get to the line early early or you won't get in, because Mignogna is a very popular VA.

    As for questions, I have more suggestions of what NOT to ask, than I do what to ask:

    Don't ask how to get in the business.
    Don't ask how it felt to play X character.
    Don't ask questions that can easily be answered yes or no.

    Try this, pick a character that Vic played particularly well. Pick a scene that you think would be particularly difficult. It's best to pick a fairly iconic scene from a fairly recent work so he will remember it. After a while all scenes start to run together. Watch that scene a few times and think about what he did there that made it so powerful or so painful or whatever it was about the scene that moved you. Ask him what the director (mention by name, if you can) did to help get him there as an actor. What was his motivation? How did he find that particular emotion to put into that character at that moment?

    Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!!

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