If Funimation/Group 1200 Media relocated to LA

  • This is an extremely wild "What if" question, the question being "What would happen in Funimation/Group 1200 Media relocated to LA?"


    • Easy access to LA-based studios like Bang Zoom!

    ! this could solve the issue of Funimation being very reluctant to use Bang Zoom! when it comes with cast reprisals as is the case of Last Exile and Fafner. Even with reprising the cast of Haruhi Suzumiya (which is done by Bang Zoom!) for Nagato Yuki-Chan, Christopher Sabat and his Okratron 5000 studio had to be involved in the production alongside with Bang Zoom! (since the dub's recorded in LA and is a Union-contracted dub and Okratron 5000 is located all the way in Texas, which is a right-to-work state, the type of state that the SAG-AFTRA isn't really trusting of for their projects) since Justin Cook, Funimation's main producer, has no familiarity with that studio., as well as, to some extent, the Vancouver-based Ocean Studios (Funimation does have familiarity with that company). Alternatively, given Funimation's familiarity with New Generation Pictures (thanks to using several of their talent for their dubs, such as Patrick Seitz, Carrie Savage and Taliesin Jaffe, on a near-daily basis), Funimation could start using the studio for more of their future dubs and bring more productions to that table (NGP is seemingly limited only to Street Fighter and Zen Studios games ever since Geneon USA, NGP's largest client, went out of business).

    • With more studios to choose from for their dubs, this could ease the constraints that their in-house studios are now facing thanks to their Broadcast Dubs venture that began earlier this year.
    • Coordinated dubs: With MB Voiceworks's dub (MB Voiceworks is also an in-house studio just like Funimation's) of Ladies Vs. Butlers! using a Calgary-based actor (Brendan Hunter) via skype, Funimation could take a page from this and have the LA voices (i.e. Todd Haberkorn, Cherami Leigh, Patrick Seitz, Christopher Corey Smith, Lauren Landa, etc.) that are in their Dallas have their voices recorded in LA rather than fly all the way to there. This saves money for both the voice actors and the company and makes recording the outside (read: outside of Dallas) voices less of a hassle. Cartoons and video games do this all the time, so anime dubs should follow suit as well.


    • Funimation might have to abandon their in-house studio since it's located within their previous headquarters. This can, however, be worked around by retaining their Flower Mound-based headquarters as a satellite office and still keep the in-house studio, but this will come with the cost of having to maintain two locations, which may or may not be affordable for them.
    • Funimation would likely spend more since LA dubs tend to cost more than if they were recorded in Texas, regardless if it's union-contracted or not, though most likely they'll be in the reasonable range.

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    This is an extremely wild tired "What if" question,

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