No subtitled version?

  • What's up with that? It would be nice to have the subtitle option for all titles. I don't watch dubs. (why not? it's simple. because the original director has nothing to do with the selection of English voice actors, doesn't give them any guidance on how to emote their characters, doesn't oversee the translation, etc.)

  • The Wallflower is one of the Sojitz titles that was rescued from ADV, and many of those shows have different streaming restrictions that vary from show to show. Some can't be streamed without ads, others can be streamed through a computer but not a device, some can't be streamed at all, and some, like the Wallflower, are only available in a single audio format.

    As for why it's like this, that's just the way that licensing rights work. I can assure you that most of the non-ADV, non-Toei titles featured here on the site can be streamed in both audio formats through both PC and devices, though. And of course, the physical DVD release of The Wallflower comes with both English and Japanese audio (and it can be picked up for under 20 bucks, too).

  • Hmm, yeah, weird licensing. I don't blame Funi for that sort of nonsense. Thanks for the thorough reply, and I did notice the DVD set was available. =)

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